Igusa Insole DIY Workshop @Kurume Kan, Tokyo

Igusa Insole DIY Workshop @Kurume Kan, Tokyo

July 29-30 is the "Igusa" festival. We held a DIY "Igusa" insole workshop in Kurume kan, Tokyo. Kurume kan is an antenna shop represented by Kurume-shi, Okawa-shi, Ogori-shi, Ukiha-shi, Tachiarai-machi and Oki-machi (we are based in Oki-machi), providing unique products local to the Kurume area. 

The staff was friendly.

Special home decor / interior products available on the 2nd floor.

Ryuta introducing functions of "Igusa" to a kid during the handcrafting workshop.

Girls having fun making their own "Igusa" insoles. 

Handcrafted artisan items for sale.

Hooray!! We're so ready to celebrate summer festivals.

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