[Japanese traditional crafts: Japanese fabric flower(tsumami saiku)- KYOTO KAORIYA

[Japanese traditional crafts: Japanese fabric flower(tsumami saiku)- KYOTO KAORIYA

What is Japanese traditional fabric flower(tsumami saiku)?

Tsumami saiku is a traditional Japanese fabric flower craft in which small square strips are folded and glued together to form flowers, butterflies, and other shapes on a base paper. Japanese fabric flower(tsumami saiku) is made of thin plain-weave silk or chirimen cloth called habutae, which is used for the lining of kimono. The glue used in tsumi-zaiku is made from wheat-based Shofu-zushi or rice glue (Hime-zushi), which is cooked in a kettle using a traditional method.

Historically, the craft originated in the early Edo period (1603-1868), and combs, hairpins, and kusudama made of this paste became very popular in the middle of the Edo period (1603-1868). After the Meiji period (1868-1912), the art of tsumami-e (knob prints) went through several ups and downs, but today, tsumami-e with an artistic touch is still popular.

KYOTO Kaoriya

Designer:Yoshioka Kaori

In Kyoto, Kaoriya produces delicate Japanese fabric flower(tsumami saiku) hair ornaments made of dyed pure silk, incorporating both classical and modern beauty, which make the wearer shine beautifully. We are particular about the materials we use, and have pure silk white fabric dyed in Kaoriya's original colors by a dyeing company in Kyoto. The use of thicker silk gives the flowers rich colors and fluffy petals.

Activities history

  • - 2012 Started working as an artist
  • - 2013 "Charming Kimono Readers for Adults" published my work
  • - 2014 Started Japanese fabric flower(tsumami saiku) lesson in Kyoto
  • - 2014 "LOVE Kyoto 2014spring summer" published a trial class
  • - 2014 "Hyakkaikusa no Hanayome" published "Kyo-Goyomi Notebook" published "Futaba Aoi Exhibition" at Kamigamo Shrine
  • - 2015 "Hagen Dazs PR event" (requested by Marikoji Kimono dressing class) "Futaba Aoi Exhibition" at Kamigamo Jinja Shrine
  • - 2016 Started Kaoriya's pure silk tsumami saiku class

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