Kakihara Tatami Workshop

Kakihara Tatami Workshop

We made a short drive to Fukuoka city to visit Kakihara Industrial Co., Ltd. 

Tatami workshop

Honor earned by Kakihara Industrial

Kakihara Industrial earned recommendation from the Fukuoka Tatami Industry Association.

Workstation in Tatami workshop

Files are neatly aligned on the desk, and the leftover bits and pieces are assorted.

Workstation in Tatami workshop

Even the lamp is hung by Tatami "Heri" (The border material of Tatami mats).

Tatami crafting 1

Tatami crafting 2

Tatami crafting 3

Tatami crafting 4

A lot of handwork is required in the process.

Tatami crafting 5

Tatami crafting 6

Newbie instructed by a senior craftsman.

Tatami crafting Closeup

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