For those who want to move and live in the Countryside! Tips for Slow Life Living

For those who want to move and live in the Countryside! Tips for Slow Life Living
For those who want to move and live in the Countryside! Tips for Slow Life Living Thing, Life, Country life Contents 1 For people who want to move to the countryside and live in the countryside! Tips for living a slow life 1.1 What is the Slow Life? 2 Basic Knowledge of Slow Life 2.1 Examples of Slow Life Living 2.2 Thinking about a Slow Life Living Environment 2.3 Who is suited to move to the countryside? 3 About the countryside, nature, and people... 4 Various charms of Country life 4.1 Enjoying sports unique to the countryside. 5 Enjoy hobbies unique to the countryside 5.1 Enjoy music 5.2 Enjoy painting and ceramics 6 Conclusion

For those who want to move to and live in the countryside, this is a must! Tips for Living the Slow Life

What is the Slow Life?

Slow Life is a way of thinking and thinking about lifestyles, which started as a movement against McDonald's expansion into Italy in 1986 (Slow Food Movement). The term "Slow Life" has come to be used in Japan. The term "slow life" was first used in Japan around 2001, and in 2002 it was introduced to Kakegawa City and Kosai City. In 2002, Kakegawa City, Kosai City, Gifu City, and other municipalities participated in a symposium, and the Slow Life began to spread. Now, some 20 years later, the Slow Life seems to be generally recognized as a lifestyle. In exchange for the material wealth, we have gained through technological advancement and an overloaded information society, we have been burdened with mental anxiety and stress, and modern diseases caused by such stress are now seen as a problem. I would like to discuss in turn how the slow life can be a solution for our information-obsessed modern society.

Basic Knowledge of the Slow Life

The basic principle of the slow life is to be aware of the rhythm of life and to spend time slowly and carefully. Starting with small things, such as replacing instant coffee with hand drip and increasing conversation during meals, will eventually lead to a slow life.

Examples of Slow Life

Let's take a look at some examples of slow life.
  • -To spend more time cooking and eating, and to enjoy meals.
  • -Staying away from screens such as cell phones and PC.
  • -Taking walks, stretching, half-bathing, and other relaxing habits.
Try to do things that seem inefficient or irrational but are just curious. Maybe the slow life is the unexpected discoveries and impressions that come from doing so.

Thinking about a Slow Life living environment

Even if you live carefully, the speed of life in the city will not wait for you easily. When you start to think about the slow life, you may often feel the limitations that cannot be achieved in the city. If you feel the richness of the slow life, you may want to fundamentally rethink your living environment. Even if you have only lived in the city, you cannot feel the real thrill of Country life without actually experiencing it. You are only live once. It would be a waste if you end up being a frog in a well just because you are attracted to the countryside.

Who is suited to move to the countryside?

What is an affluent life?

Many people who move to the countryside seem to have a reduced income. There are some instances where they can earn as much as they do in the city, but they are rare. However, it does not mean that they cannot live a rich life because they cannot earn enough money. You may be surprised to find that the true richness of Country life lies in the countryside.

I am not good at socializing with people

When we look at blogs and social networking sites of people who have started Country life, we can see a change in the way they perceive and look at nature and living creatures. For example, what was once called an "insect" in the city is now called something more specific, such as a "dango bug" or a "centipede" in the countryside. I think this is because the line between "insect" and "bug" has changed to "insect" and "living creature. One of the charms of this kind of work is that it brings us closer to the creatures that live in nature other than humans.

I'm sick of competing with each other.

If you are too particular and stressed out, Country life may change your values. You may have achieved your goal in a busy and stressful life, but on second thought, you may wonder if it absolutely had to be that way. It can also be a good turning point for those who are tired of being exposed to such absolute values.

About the country life, nature, and people...

Countryside may conjure up images of LOHAS for many people. The murmuring of rivers, big skies, and green landscapes are taken for granted, but they are still used as synonyms to praise the countryside as they always have been. Let's take a look at what the countryside really has to offer.

Various charms of Country life

For those who are not familiar with the idea of a slow life in the countryside, let's take a look at some of the attractive ways to spend time in the countryside.

Enjoy sports unique to the countryside.

There are many hobbies and sports in the countryside that take advantage of the abundant nature that is unique to the countryside.

Around the river

Fishing, playing on the river, and river activities are well-known examples, but in recent years, river yoga on the riverbank, bouldering (climbing rocks with bare hands only), and camping saunas have also become popular.

Around Mountains

Mountain climbing is one of the most popular activities in the mountains, and many people make it a hobby. Camping and gathering wild vegetables in the fall are also enjoyable activities that can only be enjoyed in the countryside. It is also attractive to be able to start mountain climbing as soon as you wake up in the morning and not have to spend time moving around.

Around the Sea

Sea fishing and surfing are major activities near the sea. We often hear of people moving to the area because of their hobbies. In recent years, slow style activities such as SUP have also been attracting attention. There are various fields of play centering on nature in each area, and it seems that there is never a dull moment. This is a great place for those who want to be active in a place with clean water and air.

Enjoy hobbies unique to the countryside

In addition to outdoor sports, there are of course plenty of ways to spend time indoors.

Enjoy music

Those who have not been able to play music to their heart's content in the city because of neighbors are able to do so in the countryside without any hesitation. The lack of noise and the quietness of the countryside will also give you a hint of what you can create.

Enjoy painting and ceramics

The countryside is also recommended as an environment for creating works of art. Ceramic art is especially attractive because you can choose from a variety of soils depending on the region. Building a studio or kiln is also very difficult to do only in the countryside. Similarly for painting, it is attractive to be able to set up space in a spacious studio in a clean air environment at a low cost. It may be a good idea to leave the city and venture out into the countryside, as Parisian painters have done with their studios in the south of France.

Enjoy the unique country lifestyle

The first thing you will notice when you visit the countryside is the quality of the ingredients, such as vegetables and meat. This is perhaps the most luxurious thing about being close to where the produce is grown. It is a coveted environment for those who love to cook and are gourmets. Many people also choose the countryside as an environment for raising children, living with pets, and cultivating a vegetable garden. Living in a place with clean air and letting the creatures grow and develop as they are may be the most comfortable nurturing environment for living creatures. Other attractive options include house building and DIY. It may be difficult to renovate old houses that can be obtained inexpensively and make them into something you like, but it is very rewarding. It would be fun to build your own house first, and eventually a restaurant or gallery.


Living at the speed of the minute can cause stress and exhaustion before you know it. On the other hand, if you just sit on the beach and watch the ocean waves, you will get stressed out. In short, it is not a matter of which is better, but which is more important from the standpoint of what you can tolerate. If your lifestyle is more relaxed and leisurely than a life style that requires you to keep running, I highly suggest that you start living in the Country life.

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