Reasons why rugs are recommended for room dividers

Reasons why rugs are recommended for room dividers

Reasons why rugs are recommended for room dividers

Did you know that you can split in a lag?
When we hear about partitions, we tend to think of physically dividing spaces using accordion curtains or shelves, but it is possible to create partitions other than physical partitions. Also, if you have a full-fledged partition due to construction work, etc., it is very difficult to restore it, but if you use a rug to partition your living space, you can easily restore it. is. In this way, partitioning with rugs has various advantages.
In this article, I would like to explain in detail that rugs are recommended for room dividers.

No hassle

There are different types of partitions. Some partitions can be easily made by yourself, such as accordion curtains and vinyl curtains, or some can be partitioned by contractors, such as installing a new wall or installing a panel door that can be accessed. If it is a full-fledged partition with construction, it will take a lot of time. Also, even if you do a partition that you can do yourself, mainly DIY, a certain amount of effort is required. On the other hand, if you use a rug as a partition, all you have to do is install the purchased rug, so there is no hassle at all. In this way, the good thing about lugs is that they can be easily partitioned without any hassle.


In order to manage the room, you will need to pay. For example, if you do a partition with an accordion curtain, etc., you will need about tens of thousands of yen. In addition, there are cases where a full-fledged partition that involves construction costs hundreds of thousands of yen to millions of yen. On the other hand, if you do a partition with a lug, the cost of the lug is about thousands of yen, so it can be done very cheaply.

Easy to coordinate

There are many types of rugs. There is a rich lineup of materials and designs, so there are features that make it easy to coordinate the room.
Typical materials and designs are as follows.


  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Juncus effusus
  • Bamboo
  • Rayon
  • nylon
  • Microfiber


  • Solid Color
  • Nordic countries
  • Modern
  • Ethnic
  • vintage
  • KID
  • Disney
  • Risarathon
  • Finlayson
  • Shaggy
In this way, there are various materials and designs, so I would like you to refer to them when coordinating your room.

Tips for partitioning rooms with lugs

The point when using rugs to separate rooms is to clearly separate rooms that have different uses, such as living areas and sleeping areas. Partitioning is to provide a partition in the space as you say, so even if you lay a lug, it does not mean that you have partitioned between if it is the same feeling of use. Be aware of how you are going to make the space crisp by laying out the lugs. By doing so, you can partition the living space. From here, I would like to explain the tips for partitioning a room with a specific rug.

Set the living and dining room apart

The living room and dining room are completely different. The living room is a relaxing space. Other rooms are characterized by the limited number of people who use them, such as bedrooms, study rooms, children's rooms, and guest rooms. However, the living room is a space for everyone to gather and relax, so it is not limited to the purpose of watching TV or reading. On the other hand, dining is a place to eat. Although it refers to the cafeteria and dining room, it can be said that it is rare in Japan that only this space exists independently. There are many cases where the living, dining and kitchen are organized as one space. In this way, it is not uncommon for living and dining to coexist in one space. Also, I think that you understood that the usage purpose is different in the living room and the dining room. By clarifying the difference in use by lugs, it is possible to add a sharpness to the space.

The living room chooses a lug that focuses on usability

The main purpose of the living room is to relax. Therefore, we recommend a lug that emphasizes the sense of use. Rush rugs are not only visually pleasing, but they also feel cool to the touch. Therefore, even if you walk barefoot, you will be able to spend cool and comfortable in your eyes. A rug made of cotton is highly absorbent, so it won't feel sticky to the touch and you can stay comfortable even during the season when you sweat. With microfiber, flannel, quilt and shaggy lugs, the texture is very soft and thick, so you can build a warm environment. Because the texture is also very good, you can lie down and relax directly on the rug, so it is a male eye. In this way, in the living room, I would like you to choose a rug with an emphasis on how comfortable it feels to use.

Dining opts for functional lugs

The main purpose of dining is to eat. Therefore, we would like you to understand that there is a very high risk of eating spills and the risk of getting dirty is very high. If it is a rug that can be cleaned immediately even if it gets dirty, it can be used in the dining room with peace of mind. From the point of view of cleaning, if it is a long lug of hair feet, it is difficult to clean because spills are entangled, so it is better to have a short lug of hair feet. In addition, some types of lugs can be washed completely in the washing machine, so if the lug can be washed, it will be able to be used more cleanly.
Also, make sure to choose a rug that takes into account how you eat in the dining room. If you use a desk and chair to eat, you should choose a rug that allows you to move the chair in and out smoothly. Therefore, a flat weave rug will be easier to put in and take out a chair than a pile rug.
In this way, let's choose a lug that emphasizes functionality in dining.

Rug and accent next to couches, tables, beds, etc.

Using the rug is not just about laying it under a sofa table or bed. Of course, there are various benefits, such as preventing dirt by laying under the furniture, but the method of using the lug is not limited to that.
It should be placed next to the sofa table and bed. For example, if you are laying it on the bedside, you can use a small size of about 1 tatami mat. Balanced, it will look better by being similar to the length of the bed. This size is very user-friendly, and you may want to lug it in front of the closet to make room for changing clothes.
As a space construction of the entire room, by laying a lug next to the furniture, accents can be created and sublimated into a more sophisticated space.


So far, I have explained that rugs are recommended for the partition of the room.
When choosing a lug, be sure to consider how it feels to use it and how it functions. In addition, when using the lug as a partition, be sure to consider the use of the space such as the living room and dining room.
I hope that this article has been of some help to those who are considering using rugs to partition their rooms.

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