Explanation of what you need to change your address and move in Japan

Explanation of what you need to change your address and move in Japan

Explanation of what you need to change your address and move in Japan

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In Japan when moving to a new house, you will need to go through the necessary procedures at the municipal office. Many people, especially those moving for the first time, may feel uneasy about the unfamiliar paperwork. In general, you will need to complete a notification of moving out or moving in, and if you are moving between cities, you will need to submit a notification of change of address. It is actually very simple, so it is a good idea to just remember the format. In this article, we will introduce what you need to change your address and move to a new house. We will also explain how to choose furniture and interior decorations for your new home, so if you are thinking of moving, this is must-see.

What you need to change your address

If you are changing your address when you move, you will need to complete several procedures. First, you will need to submit a notification of moving out at your old address and a notification of moving in at your new address. It is a good idea to keep in mind that having your My Number Card with you will make the procedure easier. Note that the change of address procedure is generally completed within 14 days from the date of moving. Since identification is required, you will also need to confirm what is applicable as proof.

Identification card

When changing your address, you will need to provide proof of your identity. Examples include a driver's license, passport, my number card, basic resident registration card, health insurance card, employee ID, student ID, pension book, and various medical certificates. In some cases, presenting two pieces of identification may be acceptable, so be sure to check with your local government.

Notification of Moving Out

A notification of moving out is a document to be submitted to the municipality where you have been living. The old address, new address, and the name of the person moving out are to be entered. In addition to counter service during business hours, some municipalities nowadays allow you to complete the procedure by mail, or online with your My Number card. Although mailed or online procedures are convenient for avoiding congestion and saving time, those who are anxious about the process should feel more comfortable going to the counter.

Notification of moving in

When you move to a new municipality, you must submit a notification of moving in to the new municipality. The form includes the same information as the Moving-out Notification, such as the new address, old address, and the name of the person moving in. Check with each municipality for information on how to submit the form other than at the counter. It is recommended to visit the counter at least once to get to know the local character of the area.

Notification of Change of Address

If you move within the same city, you do not need to submit a notification of moving out or moving in. Instead, you will need to submit a notification of change of address. In addition, if you are using welfare services such as child allowance, you may need to rewrite your change of address in some cases, so be sure to check with your local government.

Convenient to have a My number card.

If you have my number card, you can make a special move-out by using the card without submitting a moving-out certificate. This has the merit of reducing the number of times you have to go to the counter at your new residence and of making the procedure smoother but be aware that if you do not do this within 14 days of moving out, the procedure will be the normal procedure. In addition, it is necessary to confirm the procedure as it may differ depending on the municipality.

Tips for Selecting Home Electric Appliances

The appropriate size of washing machines, refrigerators, and air conditioners depends on the number of people using them and the layout of the room. Please refer to the following tips on how to choose appliances so that you do not end up buying one that is too small to be useful. If you live alone, we recommend that you choose a furnished apartment.

Select washing machines and refrigerators according to the number of people living in the house.

Washing machines and refrigerators come in a variety of sizes, so you must choose one appropriate for the number of people using it. In the case of a washing machine, we recommend a washing machine weighing around 5-7 kg for a small number of households, such as singles or those living alone. For a household of four or more people who do more frequent laundry, a machine weighing 8 kg or more is recommended. It is advisable to consider the usage situation, such as children playing sports or frequent bulk washing. For refrigerators, it is also important to select one that matches the number of people who will be using it: for one or two people, a compact, easy-to-use refrigerator of around 130 to 400 liters is recommended, while for a family, a refrigerator of 500 to 650 liters will provide peace of mind.

Always check the room layout for air conditioners.

Depending on the climate of the location, it is common to install one air conditioner in each room, such as the living room and dining room. When installing an air conditioner, it is important to choose one that matches the layout and size of the room to avoid catching a cold from direct exposure to the air from the air conditioner. In the living room, where you will be spending most of your time during the day, it is especially important to check the placement of your furniture. The capacity and power consumption of air conditioners vary depending on the size of the room, such as for 6 or 8 tatami mats. To ensure that the air conditioner functions efficiently, select an air conditioner that is appropriate for your room.

If you live alone, we recommend that you choose an apartment equipped with an air conditioner.

If your room is furnished with a bed, desk, etc., there is no need to purchase furniture when you move in, which has the merit of reducing the initial cost of the room. Most one-room and 1K apartments are suitable for single people and are recommended for those who are moving out of their parents' homes to live alone. Some apartments come with appliances such as microwave ovens and televisions.

Tips for Choosing Interior Décor

If you are moving to a new apartment, you will want to refurbish the furniture and interior to make it more stylish. When choosing interior design, it is important to first have an image of what you want the room to look like as a whole, and to be aware of the room layout, practicality of the furniture, and color scheme. For a one-room apartment for a single person, it is best to incorporate many of your favorite tastes, while for a family, modern or natural tastes are easy to handle.

Have an idea of what kind of room you want.

When choosing interior design, it is important to first imagine the general atmosphere of the room as a whole. Even within the same interior, the furniture that will fit will vary depending on whether you want a Scandinavian-style room characterized by soft colors and wood or a tasteful vintage-style room. It is best to first decide on the overall taste of the room before moving on to interior design selection. Simple Scandinavian, modern, and natural tastes are the most popular.

Check the room layout in advance.

The size and layout of your room will affect your choice of interior design and furniture. For a small room such as a studio, we recommend smaller or shorter than typical sizes. For a bed, a low type is best, and for a sofa, a compact seating type is best. For rooms of two or more bedrooms, it is easier to match larger furniture with a relatively strong presence. It is advisable to choose storage shelves, tables, etc., that are solid and can be used for a long time.

Furniture should be practical and colorful.

When choosing furniture, it is best not to make easy decisions based on color and design alone, but to emphasize practicality. For a family household, it is best to focus on furniture that can be used for many years as the children grow up and that is sturdy. For a single person living alone, it is best to consider storage and portability. It is also important to choose colors that blend easily with the surrounding interior. Furniture such as sofas and tables have a presence just by being placed, so colors that are too flashy are not recommended. If the surrounding interior is subdued in color, you can use furniture as a color accent, but if you don't want to make a mistake, choose light colors such as gray or beige.

Be conscious of the color of the interior as well.

Once you have selected and arranged your furniture to some extent, you should also be conscious of the color of the interior to match the hues of the furniture. Even with the same furniture, the atmosphere of a room can changes dramatically depending on the colors that match the surrounding furniture. Example: A gray sofa with cushions A Scandinavian style: Choose light colors such as pastel pink and beige, and cushions with Scandinavian-style floral patterns A monotone style: Choose colors based on white and black, and cushions with borders, etc. By matching colors in this way, you can get much closer to the room you want. In this way, you can get much closer to the image of the room you want by matching the colors. It is also recommended to change the material and color of cushion covers depending on the season.


If you are moving to a new place, you want to live a wonderful new life surrounded by your favorite things. After smoothly completing the unfamiliar procedures at the municipal office, enjoy choosing interior furniture and appliances. Your own taste and design are important, but if you buy things that do not fit your room, you will be wasting your money. It is a good idea to choose the perfect items while also taking into consideration the layout of your room and the number of people who will be using it.

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