Explanation of what you need to live alone for the first time in Japan.

Explanation of what you need to live alone for the first time in Japan.

Explanation of what you need for your first time living alone.

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Living alone for the first time. You will need a lot of things. And, if you have to move, buy furniture and appliances, a lot of money will soon fly out of your pocket. In this issue, we will introduce some points to keep in mind when starting to live alone and ways to reduce costs.

Choose the bare necessities when living alone in Japan!

This is a basic rule of thumb: "When living alone, choose the minimum necessary. When you start living alone, there are many things to prepare, such as furniture and appliances. If you think in the same way as you have been living, you will need to spend a huge amount of money. Try to move in with as little cost as possible.

Choosing Furniture and Appliances

When living alone, the most difficult thing to purchase is furniture and appliances. Buying inappropriate items for living alone not only costs a lot of money but can also make it difficult to do household chores and live on your own.

Choose small items for one person living alone.

You don't want to spend a lot of money when you start living alone, and above all, if you buy something large, you will soon be overwhelmed with stuff in a small room. If you feel your room is too small, it will be difficult to have enough room for your mind. It is important not to fill the room with stuff in order to live a comfortable life. To keep costs down and make the room more spacious, choose smaller furniture and appliances. Smaller appliances in particular are recommended as they tend to reduce electricity costs.

Choose an apartment that is furnished with furniture and appliances.

In Japan to reduce the cost of starting a life on your own, it is best to choose an apartment that is furnished with furniture and appliances. In particular, we recommend that you choose a property that comes with large, essential appliances such as a washing machine and refrigerator. However, refrigerators, for example, may not have freezer compartments. Please carefully check what is installed and what you need to purchase before choosing a property.

If you want to be particular about the interior design, try to stick to rugs and carpets.

Even if you can only afford the bare necessities, there are many people who want to "stick to the interior design. In such cases, we recommend rugs and carpets. These protect your toes from cold and prevent damage to the floor. In addition, they also play an important role in terms of design, especially when living alone. When you start living alone, your home will often be smaller than your original home, and rugs and carpets will occupy a larger percentage of the room than usual. Therefore, just by changing the rug or carpet, the impression of the room can be greatly changed.

What to look for in a rug or carpet

The design of a rug or carpet is mostly determined by three things: size, color, and shape. Let's know what kind of rug or carpet you should choose to achieve your ideal room.

Focus on size

First, let's talk about size.

Smaller (half to 1.5 tatami mats size)

It is convenient to have space to sit on the ground. However, note that if you place a table or desk, there will be little space left for sitting. Placing it in front of a chair or sofa will prevent your toes from getting cold. Smaller sizes can be accented in a room. You can also be adventurous by choosing a fancy design that is hard to purchase in a larger size.

Larger size (2 to 3.5 tatami mats size)

Larger sizes allow you to lie down where the table is. There is ample space to sit and relax. The larger size is also suitable for those who do a lot of work or eating at the table. However, depending on the square Carpets and rugs that are too large are not easy to clean, depending on the placement of other furniture. Choose a carpet or rug not only for its design, but also for its practicality, such as cleaning.

Be particular about color.

Color also has a large impact on interior design. Let's take a look at what effect each color has.

White type

White gives a sense of cleanliness. And they brighten up a room. The disadvantage, however, is that when something is spilled, the stain is most noticeable. If the curtains and wallpaper are dark colors, they give a calm impression.

Blue type

Blue colors give a calm impression to a room. Originally, blue is a color that evokes a sense of intelligence. It is also said to improve concentration and is recommended for people who work a lot in their rooms.

Brown type

This is the color in the family closest to the color of wood. Therefore, it goes best with wooden products and furniture. This color is perfect for those who want to achieve a "Japanese modern" look. Brown colors also give a classical impression. It can be used with wooden furniture to create a more luxurious atmosphere.


In addition to the colors listed above, carpets and rugs come in a variety of colors, including black, red, and green. The characteristics of each color are also briefly introduced below. Black colors give a modern impression. They will give a calm impression, although there is a possibility that the entire room will become darker. Lighter red colors give a sense of lightness and happiness. Darker reds, or rose colors, give a pretty impression. Green colors evoke a sense of nature. They are relaxing and harmonize well with other colors. In interior design, it is important to consider not only the rug or carpet by itself, but also the room as a whole. The least likely to go wrong is to unify curtains, wallpaper, and large pieces of furniture in the same color. Colors of the same color give a similar image, creating a room with a sense of unity. Buy rugs and carpets in colors you like and make your room more comfortable.

Be particular about the shape

Rugs and carpets can also be particular about shape. Changing the shape of a rug or carpet can make a big difference in the impression it gives to the room.


The rectangle is the most orthodox shape. Since most tables are made of rectangular shapes, it is recommended to place it under a slightly larger table. It is easy to open up space evenly across the length and breadth of the table, allowing family and friends to sit anywhere when they come over. Another advantage is that they are easy to place and allow you to use space without wasting it.


The impression given by a square is similar to that of a rectangle. However, unlike a rectangle, the length and width are not the same, so depending on the size, either the length or width may be an issue. In addition, the effect is to make the floor surface appear as large as possible, thereby making the space appear larger. Squares have the effect of appearing smaller, which can make a space look more stylish.


Circular shapes have a softer look and are recommended for rooms that are intended to be casual. Note, however, that they are more difficult to vacuum than rectangular shapes. Circular rugs and carpets can be difficult to master, but if done well, they can make a room look stylish.


When starting to live alone, costs tend to be high. Prepare the bare necessities. To keep costs down, it is also a good idea to choose smaller furniture and to make an effort to select an apartment that comes equipped with appliances. Rugs and carpets, of course, have functions such as preventing damage to the floor and protecting your toes from the cold, but especially when living alone, the design has a big influence. Rugs can easily change the look of a room, and should be selected from three perspectives.
Those three viewpoints are
  • Size
  • Color
  • Shape
Size, Color, and Shape. Consider these factors before choosing your favorite rug or carpet.

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