Types of Negoza in a Japanese style room, their roles and characteristics, and what not to do

Types of Negoza in a Japanese style room, their roles and characteristics, and what not to do

What is a sleeper nenagoza?

Do you know what a nenagoza is? It is a tool often used in the summer for sleeping. In this article, we will introduce the role, characteristics, and types of Japanese traditional Negoza.

What is a negoza?

Negoza is also known as a rush mat. As the name suggests, it is often used together with a futon for sleeping or napping. Most are about the size of a tatami mat, but there are also children's sizes and other sizes. It is often used as a futon for baby naps in summer. It is also sometimes used as a Japanness Overlay carpet for futons. Negoza is shaped like a tatami mat with only the surface cut out. Negoza is very thin, so it is hard to sleep on the hardness of the floor if only Negoza is laid on the wooden floor. However, it is easy to carry around and you can easily enjoy the quality of rush grass.

Negoza's Function and Characteristics

Negoza can be used in a variety of situations. For example, it can provide a space to relax, take a nap on Negoza, enjoy teatime in the hot summer, or lay it on top of a futon to enjoy a cool and refreshing sleep. It can be applied not only for sleeping in summer but also in various other situations by taking advantage of the characteristics of rush grass. So, why is it often used for sleeping when it can be used for such a variety of purposes? It is because it has features that are useful for sleeping comfortably. Here are some of the features of Negoza.

Easy to move around

Negoza is much lighter than tatami mats and easy to carry. If you use it like a futon, it is difficult to take it out and put it away each time, but because it is lightweight, you can use it with minimal effort. It is also easy to dry in the shade. Even if it is difficult to care for tatami mats, nakagoza is easy to handle.

Deodorizing and antimicrobial effects

Especially in summer, sweat soaks into futons, causing bacteria and odors. By using rush grass sheets, this can be minimized.

Moisture absorption effect

This is an especially good effect for families with small children. Small children sometimes catch colds from night sweats. Some people can even sweat through a full glass of water in one night. However, rush grass absorbs moisture. As a result, there is less worry about sweating and getting stuffy.

Color harmonization

The colors of rush grass are easy to harmonize with each other. Therefore, a futon sleeping mat will not look out of place in a living room. Also, the color of the sleeper sofa gives a sense of calmness. The effect of such colors will help you fall asleep easily. However, there is a disadvantage to the sleeper sofa. It is that it is very thin and lacks cushioning. Depending on the type, it may be difficult to sleep on it alone because of the feeling that it bottoms out.

Types of Negoza

There are three main types of sleepers zasas.
  • Normal type
  • With elastic band
  • Mattress type
The first two types are the standard type and the mattress type. The following is an introduction to the features of each one.

Normal type

Normal type sleeping mats can be used for napping or sleeping to enjoy the coolness of rush grass. Also, its simple structure makes it versatile and can be used for Japanese Overlay carpet. It may be a good idea to find a use that suits you. However, since it is rolled up for storage, you will need to secure space.

With rubber bands

The standard type has rubber bands attached to the four corners and can be laid on top of a futon. By fastening it to the futon, it will surely protect the futon from perspiration and bacteria. During the hot summer months, a baby who is a heavy sleeper may become separated from the futon. However, by securing the futon with an elastic band, even babies who move around a lot can rest assured that the futon and sleeper will not shift. This type of mattress is also useful in summer because it provides a cool and refreshing feeling.

Mattress type

Some mattresses are made partly of rush grass. This is the mattress type Negoza. It can be used as a futon by itself, so it is very effective. However, the mattress type must be used with rushes even in winter. The drawback is that it is difficult to use Negoza only in summer. In addition, the entire surface of the mattress type futon is not covered with rush grass. Depending on the sleeping position, a large amount of sweat may be absorbed by the futon part.

Types and Characteristics of Production Places

Most Negoza sold in Japan are made of imported rush grass. Most of them are imported from China. The next largest imports are from South Korea and Taiwan. More than 80% of the rushes grown in Japan come from Kyushu. Cultivation is particularly active in Kumamoto Prefecture. In recent years, rushes have also been cultivated in Okinawa. There are differences in the characteristics of rushes depending on where they are grown. The following is an explanation of the characteristics of rushes produced in China and Kyushu, respectively.

Rushes produced in Kyushu

Rushes produced in Kyushu are harvested after they have fully grown, making them highly durable. Because it is dried slowly, it is characterized by its durability. It is firm and comfortable to step on. Because of the labor involved, the price is higher than that of Chinese rush grass.

Chinese rush leaves

Chinese rush grass is unevenly finished because the thickness of the fibers varies. It has the disadvantage of many cavities in the fibers and deteriorates quickly. The price is lower than that of domestic products.

Recommended for these people!

Negoza is recommended for families with small children. Babies sweat easily. Therefore, they may catch a cold due to night sweats. However, if there is a sleeping mat, it will absorb the perspiration. This reduces the risk of catching a cold and makes napping and sleeping more comfortable. In addition, rush grass gives a cool and refreshing feeling. This makes it easier to sleep even in hot summers. The sleeping mat is especially useful in summer. If you are concerned about your child sweating during sleep, try it.

Points to keep in mind when using Negoza

Negoza absorbs sweat, but there is a possibility of mold growth. It is necessary to take measures to keep it dry in the shade regularly, such as once a week, to prevent moisture buildup. However, once mold has grown, there is no need to discard it immediately. By wiping it dry and drying it in the shade, some mold can be removed. Also, be careful about direct sunlight. Exposure to direct sunlight will quickly burn the rush grass and shorten its life.


Sleeping mats are also called grass sheets. They are mainly used for napping and sleeping. It is easy to carry, deodorizes, bacteria resistant, and absorbs moisture, and is especially recommended for use in summer. They absorb perspiration, making it difficult to get stuffy or catch a cold due to night sweats. It is possible to have a comfortable sleep while enjoying a cool and refreshing sensation. The quality of Negoza also varies depending on where the rush grass is produced. Those produced in China are inexpensive and are often used in condominiums and apartments. Those produced in Japan are of high quality. They have the best smell, color, and feel. Please try Japanese Negoza once, paying close attention to mold and direct sunlight.

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