Types of bamboo rugs, their roles and characteristics, and notes

Types of bamboo rugs, their roles and characteristics, and notes

What is a bamboo rug?

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Bamboo has been used in Japan for many years. Bamboo peels have been used to wrap omusubi (rice balls) and as bamboo baskets... One such versatile bamboo product is a bamboo rug. Bamboo rugs are competent as interior decorations, and also cool and refreshing in terms of function, helping to make summer more comfortable. Bamboo rugs are often associated with the image of being used on the porch. Let's learn more about them in this article.

What is a bamboo rug?

A bamboo rug is a floor covering made of bamboo. They allow you to fully appreciate bamboo and are often used in the summer. There are a diverse range of bamboo rugs, from those that evoke the original Japanese landscape to those that match Western-style rooms.

Functions and Characteristics of Bamboo Rugs

Bamboo rugs can be used like normal rugs and carpets. Especially when used in summer, they can keep you cool and comfortable and help reduce the electricity bill for air conditioning. Here are some of the features of bamboo rugs.

Cool and refreshing feeling

It helps to keep you cool in summer. Bamboo has high thermal conductivity and allows body heat to escape. Therefore, it lowers the temperature of the body's sensation by 1 to 3 °C. It is the perfect item for hot summers.

Antibacterial and deodorizing measures

Bamboo has a very high antimicrobial effect. It is said that "animal carcasses do not decompose" in bamboo forests due to its antibacterial properties. Therefore, it can be used cleanly even in the summer and rainy season when bacteria tend to multiply. It also has an odor-eliminating effect. Bamboo charcoal, for example, is a tool that takes advantage of the deodorizing effect of bamboo. These antibacterial and deodorizing effects are also demonstrated in bamboo rugs.

Modern and fashionable design

The design is very stylish and different from carpets and mats. The bamboo-inspired design creates a " traditional Japanese" atmosphere. This type of interior design is called " Japanese modern," and it is becoming increasingly popular.

Color changes over time

The color of bamboo material changes over time. The color changes from green to candy brown, creating a sense of elegance.

Types of Bamboo Rugs

There are two main types of bamboo rugs. There are two main types of bamboo rugs: the bamboo board type and the bamboo string type.

Bamboo Plank Type

The first is the bamboo board type. This is the one most people think of when they hear the word "bamboo rug. Many products of the bamboo board type are easy to recognize that bamboo is used when the rug is being used. You can enjoy the unique Japanese modern atmosphere that bamboo creates.

Bamboo String Type

As with the bamboo board type, the shape is not as easily recognizable as bamboo, so you can't really feel the bamboo. However, it has a more modern design. Many of the bamboo strips type are suitable for interior decoration in a room with a calm feeling.

Differences from Rattan Rugs

Rattan is a plant grown mainly in Southeast Asia and is slenderer than bamboo. Some of them are over 200 meters long. (Bamboo, by the way, is said to be long at about 20 meters.) In general, the fibers are thinner than those of bamboo rugs, making them easier to store.

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Bamboo rugs are recommended for those who want to stay cool in the summer. Bamboo rugs help to lower the temperature of the body by releasing heat trapped inside the body. In addition, bamboo, like wind chimes, is an original Japanese landscape. One of the charms of bamboo rugs is that they allow you to experience the traditional Japanese summer of long ago.

Cautions for using bamboo rugs

When using a bamboo rug, be careful of wisps. Young bamboo, in particular, has strong fibers that can be dangerous. Small children and pets may be injured. If you find any wisps, cut them off immediately with scissors or other tools. Also, be careful about drying and direct sunlight. Bamboo changes color over time. However, it will quickly become damaged if it is continuously exposed to direct sunlight. To ensure that it can be used satisfactorily as an interior for a long period of time, prevent it from drying out and direct sunlight. Humid places should also be avoided. This is to avoid the growth of mold and mites. If mold does grow, there is no need to throw it away immediately. It can be used for a long time by taking appropriate measures such as drying it in the shade or wiping it with a dry rag.


Bamboo rugs are made of natural materials. Not only do they provide a cool and refreshing feeling in summer, but they also have an appealing design that is called modern Japanese style. And there are two types of bamboo rugs.
  • Bamboo board type
  • Bamboo String Type
The bamboo board type is made of bamboo. The bamboo board type allows you to feel the texture of bamboo more. However, it has the disadvantage of being somewhat hard. Choose one with cushioning material. Also, be careful with direct sunlight. It can shorten the life of the bamboo rug. Furthermore, wavy edges can cause injury. Please be especially careful in homes with small children and pets. Rattan rugs are similar to bamboo rugs. Rattan rugs are often finer than bamboo board rugs. Therefore, you will not be able to experience the unique texture of bamboo. Bamboo rugs are the best floor coverings that remind us of Japanese tradition. If you want to spend your summer eco-friendly and cool, please give them a try.

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